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By Tom Cannon
 Fowl Pursuit Videos
Fowl Pursuit Videos

Everyone suffers in the drought we are currently experiencing here in the heartland. Still, waterfowl hunters are truly suffering having to bear both the extreme heat and dry weather, and enduring the seemingly endless time prior to this year’s season. I may have a solution to help pass the time until the first shooting hours arrive. Check out the trio of exceptional videos offered by the 2000 World Goose Calling Champion, Shawn Stahl.

The video series is under the title of Fowl Pursuit and currently include volume 1 the original, volume 2 Stahl’n the Migration, as well as the new release volume 3, titled Dawn ‘til Dusk. Each video or DVD showcases ninety minutes of sheer pleasure for the avid duck or goose hunter. Join Shawn and the crew as they travel from the northern most points during the early season until they “Stahl out” somewhere in the southern migration ranges.

If you are like most serious hunters, you’ll enjoy most hunting TV shows and videos. Although they might be rather bland occasionally we continue to watch these programs since there isn’t much else on. That’s been the case recently with waterfowl videos. Either they were bland and encompassed little entertainment or they had very poor quality. Most left the viewer disappointed and dreaming of a better product, something that might rival the dramatic images found in the top-selling deer hunting videos.

Well, it seems someone was listening to our complaints! Shawn Stahl has taken the sights, sounds and scenes of the blind and transformed it right into your living room. You’ll feel right at home whether the hunt takes place in a wet, sticky backwater marsh, or the rolling golden barley hills. Stahl delivers electrifying footage not only of geese but also some very exciting duck hunting as well. If it weren’t for the pounding of the twelve gauge shotguns I would swear this was a documentary found on one of the nature channels.

The viewer witnesses the emotional highs as bird after bird is sucked into the spread with proper decoying tactics and great calling skills. You can actually hear the wind rush over the wings of incoming ducks in several scenes! Shawn narrates each hunt giving a bit of background to the scenario so that the viewer can relate better. Often I utilize some of this information and techniques in my hunts when the same situation arises.

Although his name appears on the cover, it doesn’t mean that Stahl simply stars in each volume. Far from the truth. Stahl does quite a bit of the actual filming that is seen, and he does a great percentage of all the editing and production work that turns the raw footage into the polished finished jewel hunters cherish. As a matter of fact, volume 2 has some of the most innovative editing work I have ever seen in a hunting video.

Stahl’n the Migration (volume 2) has numerous side by side images as well as what I call “fade outs” and even some three way footage similar to that seen in “The Longest Yard”. Truly Stahl is pushing the envelope of what waterfowl videos have been and can be.

Lets not forget the behind the scenes people that make this happen. Spend time with some great guides, fellow hunters, and one of the hardest working canines in show business, Deuce. This Lab is all about the hunt even when he suffers through a retrieve where his paw is punctured by a piece of sharpen steel. Not once do we see Deuce hesitate or drop a bird or refuse a command! Hey I am all about the up close bird working, championship calling and good shooting but to me watching superb dog work is just icing on the cake. Bravo!

shawn stahl and dog
Shawn Stahl

Fowl Pursuit episodes are not all that is offer by Shawn Stahl. Wouldn’t it be cool if he offered a true instructional tape for goose calling? Well he does and although it’s been out for several years somehow it gets over looked in many of the catalogs. Dog enthusiast will also want to take notice of the new series of instructional videos that teach retriever training skills. Fowl Dawgs, is the Fowl Pursuit answer for those hunters who need some guidance in order to train their own canine partner. Although I have yet to view those episodes, I expect Shawn will provide high quality footage, clear and concise explanations and remedies for the toughest of all retriever problems.

Take my word for it, you will not be disappointed with any of the Fowl Pursuit editions, but why choose just one. Pick them up as a trio and you’ll soon have a house full of honkers and greenheads. Swap them with your buddies or watch them while enroute to the great white north for your own Canadian road trip. Believe me, Stahl’s videos will have you crying “Fowl” to all of your hunting buddies.

To contact Fowl Pursuit call Shawn Stahl at Home: (269) 673-1662 Mobile: (616) 836-6749

Shawn Stahl’s Fowl Pursuit Website

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