Building Your Own Turkey Call

Like many other guys I enjoy building or assembling things with my own hands. It’s satisfying to have some input into the construction of an item that you will use yourself. I recently heard about the MAD Box Call Kit from MAD Game Calls. This looked like a neat project that my daughter, who loves to craft, and I could do together and hopefully put to use this spring.

Once I received the kit in the mail, we excitedly opened it up and promptly lost the spring while examining the parts. A quick trip to the local hardware store was in order, and there we located a replacement. MAD has pre-cut all parts and these parts are all straight forward, and easy to assemble with the instructions. All the hunter needs is wood glue which is not included.

My daughter, Kylee, and I glued the parts together in less than five minutes. Once we applied the enclosed rubber bands we allowed the unit to dry for twenty four hours. Then she added a bit of personality to her call with a few stickers and a “Sharpie”. One light coat of varnish and it was allowed to dry again overnight.

The next day, we inserted the spring between the lid and the box and tightened the screw. A few adjustments on the screw tension while calling and we had completed the construction of a productive box call. Our total time invested was about twenty minutes although there were periods of down time for drying of glue and (optional) varnish.

Once we added some chalk which was included in the kit, this call sounded every bit as good as any box call in my vest! Typical cost is about $15, and it makes a great project for kids and dads to do together. As a matter of fact this would be a great item for Boy Scouts, 4 H Clubs, or church groups. The only thing needed is some wood glue and a few minutes of time. Here is your chance to add any custom features or design work and truly have a “one of a kind” turkey call. For more information and where to find the MAD Box Call Kit, (model MD-380) go to www.

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