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Kelley Powers is obviously a household name in the waterfowl world. Throughout the past couple decades he has held every conceivable title there is in goose calling competitions; and according to rules had to retire. Powers is best known for his proficiency on the short reed goose call but it goes without mention that the man knows his way around a duck call as well!

Much like many other professionals in any industry, Powers had random thoughts over the years on how to improve products, whether that be decoys, gear or duck calls. Over the course of time, he picked up a little trick or tip here and there to improve an existing item. Like other entrepreneurs before him, Powers decided he knew how to build the proverbal better mousetrap, aka duck and or goose call. Thus Power Calls was created; to build possibly the first technically designed calls with the latest and greatest materials and computer assisted engineering.

One of the first calls to hit the shelves from Power Calls was the Impulse. This single reed, short length creature is a slight detour from many of the popular contest or high volume hunting calls. It is constructed either from carbon fiber or traditional acrylic materials. Buyers may choose either an acrylic or titanium insert; the latter being more durable than any other material, and likely will never wear out.

Here is the construction and background information on the call.

Power Calls Impulse ATi-
This single reed mallard duck call is designed for maximum volume and performance. It can reach out and break the highest ducks, yet still have that sweet talking low end to finish birds that last 15 yards to your spread. Its unique, self-aligning toneboard and wedge coupled with a PreciseFit reed, ensure a perfectly aligned reed with no need to replace worn-out corks.
Product DNA
Structure: Machined CNC Acrylic Body
Coloration: Stealth Black
Core Guts: Titanium Impulse Toneboard
Reed: Engineered Computer Aided Design (CAD) Mylar PreciseFit Single Reed
Packaging: Watertight Hard Protective Case

The Impulse is billed as a high volume call. High flying migratory birds, mallards burning over flooded treetops, or calling to ducks in wide open cornfields are the forte of this little call. Sure volume and clarity are what this call is about but I’m told it can also be run “quiet” for those tough to finish ducks.

Fortunately, when time came to gather information for this review, I got word that a buddy, local contest caller, and former World Champion, Jody Niccum was using the Impulse. In fact the week prior he had won a “meat type” calling contest with that particular Power Call. So what better way to examine and discern exactly what the call is capable of doing than listening to Jody run it? *** Unfortunately the video file was too large to post here. Readers can view/hear Jody run it at the facebook page.

photos and text by Tom Cannon

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jody call photo

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