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Sixgun shootout; and Happy Birthday to a Classic Colt !

What do you do when your old heirloom Colt revolver turns one hundred years old ? You throw a party but instead of feeding it cake; you serve up a couple varieties of Fiocchi ammo! Several years ago, I aquired … Continue reading

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Fiocchi Warlock Steel Shotgun Shells

By Tom Cannon Fiocchi Ammunition first entered the United States market in 1983, when Fiocchi of Italy began importing shotgun ammo manufactured in Italy. The product was so well received by American hunters, shooters and sportsmen, that the following year … Continue reading

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The Next Generation’s Hunter

by Tom Cannon I grew up with a serious passion for hunting and fishing. My dad only hunted upland birds, but that was enough to light the wick and get me started. Later in life when I had my own … Continue reading

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